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Dr. Van Eken

"These ladies rock!! Talked me through the entire procedure and made me feel at ease and laughed all the way through. Great experience." ~ Melissa, Apr 2015

"Thank you so much for your time, attention, and support during our last pregnancy. You have an amazing bedside manner and compassion for your patients. Your interest in those you serve goes above and beyond the average doctor." ~ Mar 2015

"Dr. Van Eken was professional, courteous, answered all my questions and overall this is just what I've experienced coming to this practice these many years now. Thank you to all the staff for making my annual visits as pleasant as possible." ~ Nov 2014

"I saw Dr. Van Eken primarily throughout my 2nd pregnancy. She was great - very informative, easy to talk to and proactive. She's an awesome doctor and I was thankful to get my appointments with her." ~ Apr 2014

"Wonderful. Amazing. She listens, suggests, understands, reassures. One of the most caring physicians I've ever visited!" ~ Leah, Jan 2014

"Over the top service!." ~ Feb 2012

"Dr. Van Eken is the BEST!." ~ Aug 2011

"She's caring, professional, and quick! I never have to dread coming in for an appointment or calling for advice." ~ Emma, Feb 2011

"She was so friendly and helfpul and answered all my questions. I'm glad I came." ~ Shelley, July 2010

"I appreciate your talent and the time you gave me before surgery. Your partners, Dr. Peatross and Dr. Ference were equally impressive. You have built an incredible staff!" ~ Tracy, Aug 2010

Dr. Adams

"She treated me like family. She is so kind." ~ Sept 2015

"I changed my insurance company so I didn't lose you as my doctor because you are the BEST." ~ Aug 2015

"Dr. Adams as usual is simply wonderful - caring, thorough and dedicated." ~ Sept 2014

"Dr. Adams was incredible during my labor and delivery. She stayed with me the entire time I was pushing and was so encouraging. She listened and responded to my needs. I am very happy with my experience!" ~ Melanie, Feb 2014

"She is a phenomenal doctor. She listens and genuinely cares about her patients! She delivered both of my children and she definitely put me at ease. I was so thankful to see her in the delivery room. Can't say enough good things about Dr. Adams!" ~ Amy, Apr 2014

"Love her because she has always taken the best care of my weird self." ~ Dec 2013

"Absolutely love my obgyn, Dr. Adams. She listens to every concern and takes time for me." ~ Dec 2013

"First of all I have to tell you that I love Dr. Adams. She has a way of making me feel happy after her smiling face opens the door until the end of my visit. She helps so much. I feel relaxed there the whole exam. I'm thankful that I feel so strongly about her and her care that I have been able to refer three friends to come here and request her. Don't let her go!" ~ Jan 2013

"Dr. Adams is very thorough. A good listener and very professional. Made my surgery easy by educating me before and after the surgery. I would really recommend her and I do to any women out there." ~ Aug 2012

"She delivered my 3rd child and wow! My first 2 children were delivered by a different group of OB doctors & they didn't come close to the care Dr. Adams showed to me. She was not in a rush and even came back the next day and sat and talked with me to ensure all was well. Fabulous doctor!" ~ Nov 2011

"Dr. Adams takes the time to listen and addresses all of our concerns. She shows that she cares for me and my well-being" ~ June 2011

"Thanks very much for the care and genuine concern for my wife's health." ~ Wesley, April 2010

"Dr. Adams has been my doctor for seven years. She is amazing, kind, gentle, and really listens to me. She is the best!" ~ May 2010

"She is so calm and I just love her!!!" ~ Kristin, Oct 2010

"She is incredible! I felt uneasy having a procedure done (Novasure) and she took time to talk and listen. Very important. Also, very warm and friendly. Definitely will recommend to friends." ~ Christy, Dec 2010

Dr. Belisle

"Ive been having a rough pregnancy and Dr. Belisle has helped so much and been so nice! I drive 45 min - 1 hour for my OB care because it is the absolute BEST! Thank you!" ~ Oct 2014

"Dr. Belisle is the best!" ~ Kathy, Feb 2014

"Your patience and careful attention enabled ANOTHER smooth VBAC delivery. It is no doubt more trouble and more work for VBACs but we love and respect you guys so much for supporting it. We've tried several other practices to know what a gem we have with you all and it's always worth the 1 hr drive to get there!." ~ Sept 2013

"Wonderful, polite, knowledgeable." ~ Aug 2013

"Dr. Belisle is extraordinary, professional, and caring." ~ Mar 2013

"Very knowledgeable, listened. Honest and understands women. Good communication skills!" ~ Karen, Aug 2011

"Dr. Belisle is very caring and compassionate. She goes above and beyond to help you with the problem." ~ May 2011

"Friendly, professional, and services were expedited wonderfully. Thank you!" ~ July 2010

"Dr. Belisle is always so friendly and professional. She shows genuine concern for her patients and always makes me feel comfortable." ~ November 2010

Dr. Tetreault

"Outstanding personality! Knowledgeable as well!" ~ August 2015

"The best doctor I've had!" ~ Jessica, July 2015

"Thumbs up as a new patient! Dr T answered all questions with great knowledge. I didn't feel rushed or treated as though I needed to hurry. She is very friendly and professional at the same time. Thanks." ~ Trenese, Feb 2015

"Dr T is so nice and helpful. Put me at ease for my exam. Wealth of knowledge." ~ Shala, Nov 2014

"Very nice doctor and she has always treated me very well. Answered all of my questions and made me feel comforted to have surgery. Explained in detail what I didn't understand. I have all the trust in Dr T." ~ Sherry, Oct 2014

"Always very pleasant and informative. Very intelligent. Thanks!" ~ Jul 2014

"I had many complications prior to surgery with bleeding. She saw me each time with so much patience. After surgery more complications and she checked on me and was so kind to squeeze me in whenever I needed to come in. I highly recommend her!" ~ Karen, April 2014

"Dr. T made my experience an amazing one. Very personable and professional. I will be back as I would never go anywhere else based on my experience here today!" ~ Mar 2014

"She is the best gyno I have ever been to. I just love her. She is the best. She has answers for all my questions and makes me feel better." ~ Nida, Nov 2013

"Dr. T was very helpful. She didn't rush and answered all of my questions." ~ Jan 2013

"She makes me feel comfortable and at ease." ~ Karmen, Aug 2012

"Dr. Tetreault was efficient and very helpful." ~ Jul 2012

"Glad to have a great gyn doctor out here in San Tan Valley. She is smart, capable, and kind!" ~ Sept 2012

"Dr. Tetreault made my visit comfortable, relaxing, quick, and painless! Her expertise and professionalism is remarkable!" ~ May 2012

"This doctor is kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. She takes her time to listen. She has made my visit a pleasant one and I appreciate her very much." ~ Mar 2012

Lori Driggs

"Lori has been by far the greatest medical professional we have ever seen throughout every pregnancy. It means a lot to us to have someone take the time to talk and answer questions (no matter how many or how ridiculous they may be). Thank you Lori for being so great." ~ Brandon, Mar 2015

"I love Lori. She is so good at what she does. Always has a smile; explains everything as she goes along. I enjoy coming here every visit." ~ Barbara, Mar 2015

"She is so sweet and kind and caring!" ~ Nov 2014

"Very supportive in my time of need. I appreciate her concern for my baby. Very motherly!!" ~ Dec 2014

"I've been coming to see Lori for a couple years now. She's given me wonderful service and has been supportive when I needed it. So thankful to have her." ~ Oct 2014

"I've seen Lori for a few years now and she has always been so friendly, informative, and made me feel so comfortable. Your office is so speedy - I can't say enough good things. Thank you!" ~ Apr 2014

"Lori provides compassionate, excellent care. She shows real concern and empathy for her patients, is knowledgeable, and very easy to talk with." ~ Phyllis, Jan 2014

"I am the mother of [patient name]. Mrs. Driggs is EXTREMELY caring, friendly, and informative! I just love that my daughter receives amazing care here!" ~ Denise, Jan 2014

"I just met you. You made me feel at ease and you were sensitive to all of my worries and needs. Thank you for a great experience. I haven't found a good OB in 5 years. Thank you so much - now I can stop looking." ~ Dee, Dec 2013

"Awesome!" ~ Sept 2013

"She's the best. She always makes me feel comfortable." ~ Katie, Mar 2013

"She was very professional and caring. She informed me of my progress in depth and took time to explain everything in detail for me and my husband. We love this facility." ~ Gabrielle & Christopher, Mar 2013

"Lori is awesome. Always timely and very nice. Thank you for the great care." ~ Mar 2013

"As a healthcare provider also, I take full confidence in seeing and being treated by Lori. She's great! Personable, professional, thorough, knowledgeable, and experienced. A great asset to your practice." ~ Mar 2013

"Thank you for being so kind and calming. You were very professional and considerate. The blonde receptionist was also super nice and helpful. This was my 1st visit and I am very pleased. Thank you." ~ Mar 2013

"Amazing as always" ~ Nov 2012

"This has been the best experience I have ever had. The kindness. No rushing. Thank you for a great experience. I will recommend this practice highly." ~ Oct 2012

"Lori is always so kind, gentle, and funny. She is a wonderful asset to your team!" ~ Kristi, Aug 2012

"I was so nervous at first because of my insurance but Lori entered the room and greeted me as if I were family. I expressed my concerns and Lori assured me that she would take good care of me. Had a great smile and ended my visit with a hug. Wonderful!" ~ Seidah, June 2012

"Love her! Great with explaining things. Makes you feel comfortable. One of my favorites at your practice." ~ May 2012

"Lori is the absolute best. Not only was she extremely knowledgeable but very caring and genuine in her delivery. I am a patient for life." ~ May 2012

"I have always hated getting the annual gyn visit but Lori made me feel comfortable and I had no anxiety at all. She is GREAT!!" ~ Elizabeth, Nov 2012

"Lori took extra time and made me feel better about a situation. Above and beyond!" ~ Oct 2011

"Lori was wonderful! Kind, caring, considerate and attentive. I really appreciate and value her patience and pleasant demeanor and disarming bedside manner. Valley Women for Women is the best and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. Thank you for treating your patients with respect and genuine concern. You are exceptional!" ~ Laura, April 2011

"Lori is SO awesome! Not only did she answer my questions thoroughly, she put me at ease as a first time mom! She made me feel like I was talking to a friend. THANK YOU LORI!!!" ~ Tanya, August 2010

"She is wonderful. Has the best personality. Very prompt and attentive. I have referred several women to your office because of Lori." ~ July 2010

"Lori is so great "she has wonderful bedside manners and is very comforting. She makes these experiences less anxiety-ridden. Thanks." ~ Aug 2010

"First medical professional since I moved here a year ago to make me feel comfortable. A true professional & very kind. She is the reason I will return." ~ Aug 2010

"Lori is super awesome. That was the most comfortable and quick annual exam ever. Thanks!" ~ Elizabeth, Oct 2010

"Wonderful & personable & professional!." ~ Oct 2010

"Lori is always warm and professional. She makes an uncomfortable appointment seem like a breeze! Thank you!" ~ Nov 2010

Jennifer Murphy

"She is amazing. Friendly + smart + great bedside manner! She is the best provider I've ever had!" ~ Terra, Aug 2015

"Jennifer was so amazing during my pregnancy. She never talked down to me. Rembembered me and my husband and was just so nice and awesome. Thank you for making a terrifying situation exciting!" ~ Oct 2014

"Jen has always been polite, kind and caring. I have seen her for years and recommend her to all my friends. She is outstanding! By far the best and most thorough that I've seen." ~ Ashley, Aug 2014

"She was/is incredible. I had over a million questions and she answered them all and never made me feel rushed." ~ Jun 2014

"Jennifer took the time to show compassion and had excellent communication skills. She is a great provider and has a wonderful personality!" ~ Heather, Jan 2014

"Very attentive, took the time, answered all questions, very thorough. Thank you!" ~ Apr 2013

"Did a great job explaining the procedures and birth control options. Very friendly and helped calm nerves." ~ Oct 2012

"I myself am an RN. Jennifer was prompt,kind, and answered all my questions. Jennifer was non-judgmental and gave me appropriate information and options. Best of all she made me feel comfortable during a Pap smear! Thank you Jennifer!." ~ Valerie, Nov 2012

"Wonderful! Explained everything in detail - appreciate her time!" ~ Stephanie, Jul 2012

"Jen once again made me feel so at home! I was able to resolve all my questions and leave feeling confident in my choice of VWFW! Thank you!." ~ Tabitha, May 2012

"Jennifer is great. Always quick and professional. Makes me feel comfortable. I see her every time I come for a visit and am always pleased when I leave. Thanks!" ~ Dec 2011

"I was told by my pediatrician to see ob/gyn STAT - you guys got me in same day. Thanks!" ~ Jul 2011

"I always feel so comfortable with asking her questions and knowing she is always willing to answer them in a professional manner! Thanks Jennifer. Every person I know, I refer to her!" ~ Flor, Mar 2011

"Jennifer has always been the most kind OB provider I have dealt with. She is interested in how I am doing with my daily life, as well as how I am physically - I appreciate that!" ~ Jan 2011

"So gentle, kind, listens to me, and no wait!" ~ June 2010

"She has a wonderful personality to keep you at ease." ~ May 2010

"Fabulous bedside manner "answered all my questions in detail. Thanks!" ~ April 2010

"She was excellent. She was caring, kind and had our interest at heart." ~ Oct 2010

Venessa Thompson

"Venessa has been a great healthcare provider. I feel like she really listens and provides good common sense guidance. I also appreciate her non-judgmental attitude regarding the fact that I'm sexually active. She provides sound recommendations and has made me feel very comfortable." ~ Apr 2015

"As always, super professional and helps me understand everything before I leave! She's amazing!!!" ~ Apr 2015

"Venessa has provided exceptional service since day one. I have enjoyed visiting with her. She takes the time to listen to all of my concerns and never makes me feel like I ask too many questions nor that she's in a hurry to move on. She's been courteous, kind, very informative and very pleasant to work with. Thank you!!!" ~ Mar 2015

"She's awesome! Always in a great mood and just never makes you feel uncomfortable! I always recommend her to people who are looking around. She's a big reason I'm back for my 2nd baby. :)" ~ Mar 2015

"Venessa always makes me feel so comfortable and is willing to take the extra time to find the answers I need. She always teaches me something new each time I see her. Thank you!" ~ Sept 2014

"Venessa is the best NP I have ever visited. She is knowledgeable and so caring. She listens and is compassionate. Thank you!" ~ Sept 2014

"She is amazing, loving and caring. I switched doctors just to come and see her." ~ Aug 2014

"Venessa makes you feel comfortable right away. Very friendly and explains things clearly. She was recommended by a friend and I can see why. :)" ~ Aug 2014

"Venessa was AMAZING! So friendly and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all! Thank you so much :)!" ~ Nicole, Aug 2014

"Great. Prompt. Enthusiastic. Love love love your service." ~ Alisha, July 2014

"She was very helpful and had a great bedside manner." ~ May 2014

"Always make me feel at ease and amazing. They always take time to answer my questions. I have lived in several states and several countries and this is the best OB-GYN care I have ever received" ~ May 2014

"So easy to talk to. Friendly. Makes me feel comfortable & super sweet." ~ June 2014

"Excellent! Venessa made me feel very comfortable and she was quick and efficient." ~ Melissa, Jun 2014

"Love Venessa. She communicates well with all our questions and concerns." ~ Feb 2014

"Venessa was extremely compassionate when delivering the worst news ever to me. She made me feel knowledgeable about what would happen next and did a great job reassuring me that it wasn't anything I did." ~ Amber, Feb 2014

"Awesome! Love her! Perfect bedside manner, gave great info." ~ Jan 2014

"Awesome. So friendly. Comforting. Thank you." ~ Mar 2014

"Fabulous first visit!! Very personable and informative." ~ Stefany, Oct 2013

"Venessa listens with genuine concern. She is very understanding and easy to talk to. I really enjoy my visits when she attends to me." ~ Oct 2013

"I usually come here after work which is North Scottsdale. Totally worth every minute of the drive. Venessa is awesome!" ~ Dec 2013

"She is super high energy and very helpful. Thanks!; ~ Dec 2013

"Great. Felt comfortable with her. It was my first visit and won't be my last. Awesome personality.; ~ Tiffany, Aug 2013

"Amazing! Very patient with me. I will be back!; ~ Britni, Jul 2013

"She has been very supportive and understanding through my rough situation. Simply because of the care and outstanding service I received here from Venessa. I will return the next time I become pregnant. The staff has also been very caring and supportive. I just want to say THANK YOU!" ~ Tammy, Nov 2012

Dr. Connors

"She is always a pleasure to deal with!" ~ Chelsea, Dec 2013

"Dr. Connors was very kind and very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond in the service she provides. Not only is she honest but has a pleasant way about her. I look forward to seeing her again soon. Thanks." ~ Malisa, Oct 2013

"She is awesome!" ~ Feb 2013

"Dr. Connors is wonderful. She was very thorough and helped me to feel at ease." ~ Feb 2013

"She is awesome. Very personable. Listens." ~ Dorothy, Feb 2013

"Dr. Connors was personable, courteous, and attentive." ~ Cindy, Jan 2013

"Dr. Connors has exceeded my expectations! She was incredibly thorough and very professional. I wish she was my general doctor so I could see her more than once a year." ~ Maureen, Jan 2013

"Dr. Connors is the epitome of a doctor. She shows caring and compassion and never lets you feel rushed." ~ Angela, Nov 2012

"She was very attentive and comforting. I am very pleased with VWFW." ~ Sept 2012

Dr. Dave

"Dr. Dave is great! Listens to concerns and is very caring :)." ~ Jan 2015

"Amazing doctor. You can tell she is very dedicated to her patients. Dr. Dave made me feel comfortable. She listened and was very caring." ~ Oct 2014

"Dr. Dave is the best. So sweet and caring! Thank you!" ~ Maggie, May 2014

"I have been going to another doctor for years and was concerned about the change. I must say that I was very pleased with care and compassion of this doctor." ~ Mar 2014

"She goes above and beyond to provide the best care and treatment. Her assistant is wonderful. I truly feel like they listen to all my concerns and are always so patient and kind. I cried during a visit and she was genuinely sympathetic. By far the best doctor and assistant I've ever had!; ~ Shayna, Sept 2013

"Dr. Dave was AMAZING! She helped me have the birth experience I wanted! She was a great support and has changed my life in such a positive way!; ~ Shawna, Oct 2013

"Chandler office staff as a whole was very nice and professional. Dr. Dave made me feel very at ease & was super understanding. I would drive clear to Chandler to see her again even though there's a closer location." ~ Sheryl, Aug 2013

"This was my first time seeing a doctor. She made me feel very comfy and not nervous. Thank you!" ~ Aug 2013

"She's great. I felt very comfortable with her and felt she took time and listened to my needs.; ~ Aug 2013

"She was so professional and nice. I felt very comfortable.; ~ Aug 2013

"I have been running from doctor to doctor complaining about pain in/on my hip/iliac area and it took Dr. Dave to finally order the MRI that showed what it was.; ~ Sept 2013

Dr. Vegh

"I've never been treated like a person because of my size. Dr. Vegh is amazing. She treats the whole person and doesn't rest until the problem is solved. I won't see anyone else. She is a first class doctor." ~ Diane, Aug 2015

"Followed these lovely ladies from [another practice]. Both [Dr. Vegh and MA] are amazing. Great office staff! Love it here!!" ~ Aug 2015

"Dr. Vegh is amazing, so enthusiastic and makes me feel welcome, along with answers to every question I have!!" ~ Feb 2015

"Dr. Vegh is so great. It's been over 16 years since I had a pap smear and she SO made me feel comfortable and listened to my needs and concerns. Great :) Very happy." ~ Sept 2014

"Dr. Vegh and Perla have always been great. They are caring and kind and genuine. I've never been more pleased with my doctor. Thank you!" ~ Kim, Jul 2014

Dr. Wellington

"Thank you for always being so wonderful and answering all my questions and concerns :)" ~ Jun 2015

"Dr. Wellington was amazing! I was really nervous about the surgery but she was so encouraging and nice. She is friendly and professional and she explains everything!" ~ Jan 2015

"She was very friendly, listened to my concerns and approached them with empathy. This is my first pregnancy and sometimes I feel like my questions get brushed off. She didn't do that and I really appreciated that." ~ Ariana, Aug 2014

"Awesome doc!!! Takes time and care with every visit." ~ Aug 2014

"As a new patient, I was really impressed by the service provided by Dr. Wellington. She was very kind and sweet and loving. She sat and listened - really listened. She asked a lot of questions and was very thorough. I am SO glad I chose this facility and got Dr. Wellington. What a refreshing experience. It feels so good to know someone actually cares about my health and well being. Thank you!" ~ May 2014

"This was the first time I have met Dr. Wellington. She was super nice and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Wellington answered all of my questions." ~ Trinity, May 2014

"Friendly, helpful, caring, very patient with me and thorough. Great doctor! Also, very patient with my husband's questions." ~ Mar 2014

"Amazing, wonderful, compassionate. These all describe Dr. Wellington. I found comfort in her during my difficult time." ~ Sarah, Feb 2014

"I just wanted to thank you all so much for your support and guidance during this pregnancy. After 2 losses and having almost every conceivable possible complication, everyone was so accommodating in listening and calming my fears. Thanks for putting up with me and thanks for your help." ~ Maria, Feb 2014

"Exceptional treatment. Will recommend friends, coworkers and family members! Thank you for treating me so well!" ~ Amalia, Oct 2013

"Best care I ever received. Dr. Wellington is amazing. I will tell all my friends and family to see her. Thank you." ~ Nov 2013

"My husband and I both appreciate the care from Dr. Wellington. I absolutely loved the care I received during the birth of my son. I was in teh hospital on bed rest prior to my delivery and from the moment I met her I was so happy to find out she was scheduled to be with me for delivery. Her support during delivery was amazing!" ~ Jenna, Oct 2013

"Dr. Wellington was very kind and warm and did a great job explaining things. She made an unpleasant experience as good as it could be!" ~ Nov 2013

"Beyond sweet. Informative, very helpful." ~ Sept 2013

Dr. Pritchard

"She has been an amazing help from the start w/ my cervical length. She has been very active and on top of things. I love that she has coordinated with my perinatal specialist. It makes me feel valued." ~ Aug 2015

"She was super nice and made me feel very comfortable, even stopped my nerves. And she was so informative on everything. FIVE STARS!" ~ Michele, Jan 2015

"Seriously the best doctor in the world. Always makes myself and my husband feel so comfortable and well taken care of! AMAZING!" ~ Dec 2014

"Thank you for making our son's birth such a wonderful experience. I will recommend you to everyone I know." ~ Oct 2014

"She is an amazing doctor - the best I have ever seen and gives great support. I love her.." ~ Oct 2014

"She was very caring and informative. She listened to me and gave me all the answers I needed." ~ Danielle, Apr 2014

"Dr. Pritchard was so awesome!! She took the time to hear about my issues and explain in detail my options. She also made me feel extremely comfortable. Loved her!!!" ~ Makalla, Nov 2013

Dr. Mills

"She has been so helpful and is always so nice. She also makes me feel very welcome and comfortable." ~ Sept 2015

"She is awesome!" ~ Aug 2015

"She is exceptional! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. This was my first visit to your clinic and I was so impressed by Dr. Mills! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful person!" ~ Melanie, Apr 2015

Kristen Branche

"Kristen was so sweet and made me feel comfortable. She answered all of my questions completely and was all around awesome!" ~ Kailee, Jun 2015

"She was very easy to talk to. Spent the time to answer all of my questions. I would reommend other women to come and see her." ~ Mar 2015

"You have helped me so much this year and I appreciate your time and patience. Thank you for listening to me. We need more doctors like you." ~ Kristen, Dec 2014

"She was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Have decided to continue coming here as a new patient because of her." ~ Katie, Aug 2014

"She was great! Made me feel very comfortable as a new patient. Answered my questions and explained things to me. Very nice and professional." ~ Jan 2014

"This was my first time seeing Kristen for myself. She was informative, friendly, and listened to my concerns." ~ Kacy, Feb 2014

"Wonderful! She didn't seem in a hurry which was nice." ~ Oct 2013

Dr. Peatross

"Dr. Peatross is a rock star. She cares, takes time with you, listens, understands, offers great alternative to HRT that I am on. Menopause is no fun." ~ Feb 2013

"Best annual check up I've ever had. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I'm 68 years old and highly recommend her." ~ Dianne, Jan 2013

"Dr. Peatross is a blessing. She really cares about her patients. She goes the extra mile and does not stop until the issue or concern is resolved. I'm happy she is my doctor. I am finally on the road to my dream." ~ Tina, Apr 2012

"So comprehensive. So compassionate. Easy to talk to! Love her!." ~ May 2012

"She helped my mommy to get her staples out and was very kind to us. She is also a hard worker" ~ Mar 2012

"I saw Dr. Peatross for the first time today. I really liked her. She is very personable and informative. My mother is switching doctors to have her as a doctor." ~ Feb 2012

"I really like the way that I am treated. I have been two two other practices and I was very unhappy. I am glad I found you! Love the service." ~ Jan 2012

"Dr. Peatross is the best doctor I've ever had. She is thorough and accommodating and makes me feel comfortable enough to tell her exactly what's wrong with me. I wish she was a primary!" ~ Dec 2011

"Dr. Peatross is a great doctor. I prefer to only see her." ~ Tomijo, Dec 2011

"So easy to talk to! Made to feel very at ease. Explained everything. One of the best exams I've had and I'm 65!" ~ Muriel, Nov 2011

"It was the best exam I have ever had in visiting a doctor for an annual [born in 1937!!]." ~ Nov 2011

"Dr. Peatross has been the best OBGYN I have ever been to. She is a real woman and understands her patients. She is not only an amazing doctor, but she is a kind and nice person. Thank you." ~ Norma, Jan 2011

"Very thorough. I feel very comfortable with her. Extremely knowledgeable. It's obvious she loves what she does." ~ Blair, Jul 2011

"Dr. Tracey is a wonderful doctor who cares and understands her patients. She takes the time to explain to you what is going on and tells you your options. She is a one in a million doctor." ~ Mar 2011

"Dr. Peatross has been so warm and informative. She has been the only doctor that I've seen who has explained to me what they are checking for and what to expect next." ~ Rachel, Feb 2011

"Great service. The best doctor I could have found. Does everything possible to solve the issues. Gives options to treatments that can help. I'm so thankful I've found Dr. Peatross. Had never had so much attention from a doctor as I do from her." ~ Karen, Jan 2011

"Dr. Peatross is an amazing doctor and has gone above and beyond to ensure my medical safety. I hope to never see another doctor." ~ Andreana, May 2010

"Dr. Peatross has been the best doctor to half of my family members and has always made the right decisions for each of our needs. She is a kind and amazing person that truly cares for her patients." ~ Tomijo, May 2010

"Dr. Peatross is awesome! She truly cares about her patients! Very kind and respectful! She's the best! She has taken all my concerns and questions very personally to help find answers and solutions.." ~ Amanda, Mar 2011

"Nice, polite, patient, and informative. Great customer service. Great listener." ~ Sonya, Sept 2010

Kellea Danuser

"I was in for my annual with Kellea. She was wonderful. She took her time with me. She wasn't rushed to the next patient. She explained everything to me. I wish I would have found her a long time ago." ~ Tamy, Aug 2015

"I felt so comfortable with the staff. Everyone, especially Kellea, was amazing. She really listened to me." ~ Mary, Jul 2015

"Kellea makes you feel so comfortable during a not so comfortable time by her sweet caring nature and that bright smile as she enters the room. She is definitely the best." ~ Jul 2015

"Kellea is a super star in my eyes and I'm sure many other patients. I have been a patient of the practice for several years and since I have been under her care she has made me feel very comfortable while going through procedures or making hard decisions. Thank you." ~ Betzy, Apr 2015

"Amazing! My visit today was the best I've ever had. Kellea and the other ladies were kind. Kellea heard my concerns and offered excellent care and recommendations!" ~ Rachelle, May 2015

"Kellea was awesome. She really listened to my concerns. She took her time during our visit. I am very happy with her." ~ Angie, Mar 2015

"One of the most compassionate people I've met in my life. She was very gentle and understanding. She soothed my first time anxiety with great understanding. Will be back to see her again." ~ Jan 2015

"All I can say is Kellea is amazing! Had my very first pap smear with her and she was wonderful at helping me feel comfortable! I will be telling all my friends to come see you! Thank you so much!" ~ Kara, Oct 2014

"Kellea is an exceptional person, good listener and understanding. Held my hand during a procedure. I don't do pain very well and everyone including the doctors are understanding." ~ Sherry, Oct 2014

"She was so helpful and very nice." ~ Oct 2014

"Friendly, thorough, and approachable" ~ Tara, Oct 2014

"Always so helpful and full of good info to stay healthy. I appreciate that!" ~ Mary Beth, Sept 2014

"Always always awesome. Gives good info and honest but supportive!" ~ Aug 2014

"Very friendly and personable. Thank you! :)" ~ Jul 2014

"So warm, reassuring and informative." ~ Aug 2014

"I have been to two family doctors in the last 30 days and both seem too busy to listen to my issues. That adversely affected my life. Doctor office #3 and new doctor and, yes, 3rd time is a charm. Kellea Danuser was kind, compassionate and thorough. I have never felt so great leaving a doctor's office. Thank you Kellea. You are the best!" ~ Jun 2014

"Kellea took extra time with me as a new patient to discuss issues in a delicate, professional manner. Love her!" ~ Jul 2014

"Kellea was the provider for me. I have needed a visit like today. I will be back for sure! I absolutely love this place. I see why everyone referred me here!" ~ June 2014

"My first visit. I was very nervous but she totally put me at ease and was very thorough. Staff was also great!!" ~ Fran, Mar 2014

"She is amazing. I have never felt so comfortable. Thank you." ~ Mar 2014

"She was very nice. I felt like she was concerned about my issues. She didn't make me feel rushed and took her time. I felt comfortable talking to her." ~ Mar 2014

"Never been in an office where I felt so comfortable and so listened to. Thank you so much!" ~ Christina, Nov 2013

"Amazingly sweet. Made me feel so comfortable and easy to open up to." ~ Brisa, Oct 2013

"Kellea is always great and cheerful. She makes me feel comfortable in what I consider an uncomfortable setting. Thank you Kellea! You are wonderful." ~ Aimee, Oct 2013

"She's an angel. Very sweet, very caring, and very helpful. Thank you Kellea!" ~ Apr 2013

"This was my initial visit to this office. Upon meeting Kellea I found her to be kind, welcoming, professional, and totally put me at ease. Wonderful visit." ~ Oct 2013

"I have always been very pleased when I come into this office. Always on time, friendly, knowledgeable, and everyone cares about you and your health. Kellea is the best and talks to you as if you were her friend!" ~ Mar 2013

"Kellea never makes you feel like your issues are trivial. Most important to me is that I never feel uncomfortable with her. From the very first visit I felt at ease. She's a jewel!" ~ Sheryl, Mar 2013

"Very nice. Excellent customer service!" ~ Feb 2013

"Made me feel like I was the only one here. Will be back." ~ Feb 2013

"Kellea is so easy to communicate with. She is great. Love her." ~ Jan 2013

"She answered all of my questions, recommended vitamins, and educated me on peri-menopausal symptoms and treatments. Very nice!" ~ Melissa, Jan 2013

"Thanks for making me feel so welcome and comfortable." ~ Jan 2013

"This was my first visit and I was super impressed with her overall care, knowledge, and love the "laundry list" for the over 40 club." ~ Shantell, Jan 2013

"Fantastic! Appreciate listening and watching me throughout pregnancy since other pregnancies were high risk. Thank you!" ~ Jan 2013

"I was referred by my daughter. I was absolutely thrilled with my first visit to your office! Office staff were great - happy and helpful. Kellea is amazing - love her - thorough, efficient, and so pleasant!" ~ Joanne, Dec 2012

"Amazing!! So sweet and senstitive! I've never experienced such a true genuine person even after 3 pregnancies and many different OB/GYN staff. Thank you Kellea for being so wonderful. A true angel." ~ Oct 2012

"She was great! Made me feel comfortable. Answered all my questions and I didn't feel rushed. You feel like you matter." ~ Susan, Jul 2012

"Words cannot express how Kellea made me feel today! The time that she took to listen to me and my concerns made such an impression on me! She is absolutely awesome!" ~ Aug 2012

"Nice change from cattle in-cattle out feeling. Very quiet! Relaxing and non-confrontational." ~ Christine, Sept 2012

"Exceptional care and information. Professional in every way. I didn't feel rushed. All my questions are answered. A+" ~ Aug 2012

"She was wonderful! I am so glad I came in today to have my annual. I finally found a great gyno. I would recommend her to any of my friends - I felt comfortable and could talk to her easily and she was very professional and kind. Excellent bedside manner. Thank you so much!" ~ Krista, Aug 2012

"Kellea is a great nurse and always makes my husband and I laugh during our appointments. She also provides great info for us about what we can expect before our baby is born." ~ Ashley, May 2012

"Excellent service. She was very personal and made me feel very comfortable during my exam. She's really sweet and kind. I will definitely be coming back to see her every year!" ~ Erika, May 2012

"We are so pleased with the service and treatment!! Everyone here was so great and we are excited for this journey with you all!!!." ~ Meghan, June 2012

"Love her! She is so knowledgeable in everything and super sweet. Thank you!" ~ Apr 2012

"Kellea was so patient and kind and treated my daughter with true care and concern with so much compassion. Hard to find care like that in this day and age and will definitely be an advocate and returning patient. Thank you!" ~ May 2012

"Thorough, open, honest professional testing and feedback. Put both my husband and I very much at ease around my HRT and menopause. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" ~ Jacqueline, Apr 2012

"Most amazing provider I have ever had! Truly caring and loving and has helped me through the worst times in my life. I love her!!" ~ Jan 2012

"I was here with my daughter and was more than impressed with Kellea. Her bedside manner is the best I have ever encountered! She is FABULOUS." ~ Jan 2012

"Kellea was kind, informative and made this otherwise uncomfortable visit (Pap) an easy one. Thank you so much." ~ Jan 2012

"Kella Danuser provided medical care that far exceeded anything I have ever experienced. Her passion for her work shines and Valley Women for Women is very fortunate to have her." ~ Ashley, Mar 2012

"She made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions." ~ Deanise, Mar 2012

"Thank you for being thorough and understanding all my issues" ~ Cindi, Jan 2012

"Kellea is a fantastic, caring, friendly provider. She has taken great medical care of me since Jan 2010. Thank you." ~ Jan 2012

"Kellea was beyond great. I was comfortable and found her very easy to talk to. I found her very helpful and she was very professional. I found my new provider. She's awesome!" ~ Trisha, Jan 2012

"Kellea is awesome. She made me feel totally at ease with a personal female issue that in the past I was uncomfortable talking about." ~ Barbara, Jan 2012

"Very caring and awesome! She genuinely cares about your well being. She has a kind heart and I would recommend her to anyone!" ~ Emily, Jan 2012

"Well informed, friendly, professional. First time seen at this location (Queen Creek) and felt welcomed and cared for. Thanks." ~ Marcela, Dec 2011

"Thank you so much for giving me all important information throughout my pregnancy. I have never been rushed at any visits and I love seeing you at every visit. Thank you so much for helping us in every possible way. You go above and beyond always. Thank you!!" ~ Adelina, Sept 2011

"Kellea is wonderful. Very comforting and informative. Love her!" ~ Sarah, July 2011

"Excellent bedside manner. Took her time discussing options. Very professional and caring." ~ Debbie, July 2011

"Kellea's exceptional service has given me the hope of starting my family. After a devastating miscarriage and bad experience at another office, I was very nervous about finding a new doctor. Kellea's empathy and positive attitude deserves recognition." ~ July 2011

"I absolutely love Kellea. She is always very attentive and I get the feeling she honestly cares. I only wish she was a doctor so she could deliver the baby! No one else compares." ~ Sharee, June 2011

"Kellea has been so compassionate and committed to helping me resolve my issues. She is a wonderful asset to Valley Women for Women." ~ June 2011

"Kellea is an exceptional, compassionate provider who answered my questions directly and made me feel comfortable and reassured during not-so-great time (ectopic pregnancy)." ~ Jan 2011

"Kellea did great! I came with my two daughters and Kellea was very warm and thorough. I left happy and with no questions. Thanks Kellea!" ~ Michelle, April 2010

"She was amazing! She took time to explain everything and was extremely patient with me. Thanks!" ~ June 2010

"This individual is wonderful. I have been to several practitioners but she is very attentive, knowledgeable, and demonstrates great interest. I love this NP. Thank you Kellea." ~ Oct 2010

"We really liked Kellea. Informative, respectful, and knowledgeable. We will definitely be asking for her in the future." ~ Miriam, Nov 2010

"Kellea was awesome today. She answered all of my questions patiently. I felt completely comfortable during my exam which was a first for me. Thanks Kellea!" ~ Cynthia, Nov 2010

"Every time I see Kellea I feel at ease and welcome. She always has a smile and lets me know she cares. Fabulous!" ~ Marie, Dec 2010

Cindy Romney

"She's the best. I never feel rushed. She answers all my questions. She's amazing." ~ Oct 2014

"Cindy is amazing! She took the time to talk to me and answer all my questions. She even let me cry on her shoulder. Love her so much!" ~ June 2014

"Best pap/annual ever! So sweet and knowledgeable." ~ Jul 2013

"Very friendly. Answered all my questions. Saw me early." ~ Aug 2013

"Wow! Love her!!! Thank you for being so friendly and understanding." ~ Mar 2013

"She was very helpful and thorough. Made the process easy. Quick!" ~ Rebecca, Feb 2013

"I am new to the office and so pleased with the care of Cindy and her MA. So glad to be a patient here :)." ~ Sharma, Sept 2012

"Put me at ease. Great, pain free pap. Fantastic manner." ~ Nov 2011

"In and out in 15 min. Are you kidding me? AWESOME! Thanx!" ~ July 2011

Janice Reynolds

"Very kind, loving temperment. Great listener. Thank you!" ~ Feb 2015

"Very respectful and professional. Helped us with everything possible. Loved our experience :)" ~ Oct 2014

Heidi Kelbar

"She was very eager to listen to my concerns and gave me clear, thorough explanation. I felt very comfortable and cared for. Heidi was also sensitive to emotions and made me feel that there was no rush. Through many bad experiences [elsewhere], this is BY FAR the BEST clinic I've been seen by. Thank you!!" ~ Luryha, Jul 2015

"She is wonderful. Love her. Wish she could deliver me." ~ Apr 2015

"I had an absolutely wonderful experience today with Heidi. She was kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and thorough. I look forward to future experiences with Heidi. She made me feel comfortable and immediately at ease. Heidi is a STAR!!" ~ Jan 2015

"Heidi has been amazing support during my postpartum months. She makes me feel like she cares. She's awesome." ~ Kerry, Mar 2015


"The midwives always make me feel at home and like I'm talking to a friend. They are amazing." ~ Dec 2013

"Working with the midwives for my pregnancy was a wonderful experience. We greatly appreciate their support and guidance." ~ Apr 2013

"I switched practices mid-pregnancy and was blown away by the midwives! You have far exceeded my expectations. Will always cherish my last pregnancy experience in large part because of Valley Women midwives! Thank you!" ~ Dec 2012

"These ladies are amazing!!! I had the most amazing experience with my first delivery and pregnancy. I couldn't have done that without them. XOXO" ~ Aug 2012

"I've never felt more comfortable at my OB. They make you feel at ease and are so sweet. They know what they're talking about and put it to you straight. I love them!." ~ May 2012

"The midwives have been a joy to meet with everytime I come to VWFW!" ~ Jennifer, Feb 2012

"Thank you all for your warmth, kindness, and encouragement throughout our pregnancy and delivery. You made us feel like family." ~ Mar 2012

"All three midwives are wonderful - so friendly, empathetic, and make me feel so comfortable. I'm actually excited for the experience of giving birth with their help & guidance, in a gentle environment" ~ Feb 2012

"All of the midwives have been fantastic and have gone above and beyond to make this pregnancy a great experience! Thank you. I would highly recommend these midwives!" ~ Emily, Jan 2012

Mina Hanson

"Mina was very caring today. Mom is in hospital. We weighed decisions together on next steps as I am advanced maternal age." ~ Mar 2014

"Mina was so great, so helpful. She was determined to help me find relief!" ~ Nov 2013

"Mina has been great! I couldn't ask for better! Everyone here has been so nice to me. Thank you all very much! I love you all!!! Thank you for all you do and for having big hearts!" ~ Marie, Jan 2013

"She's amazing!" ~ Brandi, Feb 2013

"My boyfriend and I absolutely love Mina. She is positive and caring. I love see ing her every time we come in." ~ Mar 2013

Mallorie Resendez Bassetti

"We love working with ALL of the midwives but Mallorie in particular made a huge difference in teh whole pregnancy AND labor/birth of our first child." ~ Aubrey, Sept 2015

Dr. DiGiacomo

"It's been a long time since I have felt a connection so strong as teh one forming with Dr. DiGiacomo. She is a fantastic doctor and a wonderful person!." ~ Sept 2015