Best EXPECTations SM

Prenatal Care Options At Valley Women for Women

Our All Female Provider Staff Provides A Wide Range Of Care Choices. At Valley Women for Women, you have choices about which type of pregnancy care you receive. You may choose to have either the physician on-call or a certified nurse midwife attend the birth of your baby. We provide deliveries at Mercy Gilbert, Chandler, and Banner Gateway Medical Centers.

Best EXPECTations

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Best EXPECTations is our unique educational program available to all VWFW expectant families cared for by our VWFW Ob Providers (Doctors, Certified Nurse Midwives, Nurse Practitioners & Physician’s Associates). Best EXPECTations provides a series of 8 informational meetings specifically timed and tailored to meet the goals and expectations throughout pregnancy. These sessions are coordinated by an experienced Ob nurse & are enhanced by a variety of professional expert guest speakers who volunteer their time & talents to our Program. Sessions are held in our spacious VWFW Mercy Rd location, where patients and their partners either attend in person or virtually via zoom from 6-8pm. This amazing opportunity is offered, for a nominal fee of either $75 package of 8 sessions or $10 for individual session(s).

The 2-hour sessions bundle essential education and support

  • Introduction to new support networks with expert guest presentations
  • Empowers & boosts mama & partner’s self-esteem
  • Provides optimal care for mama, baby & family
  • Strengthens family bonds
  • Offers 4–5-month journey with group members sharing the same birth month
  • Reviews relevant topics of information to help guide & support expectant families
  • Combined with a choice of Childbirth Ed class = optimal parental preparation

Expectant families who receive structured supportive educational care throughout their pregnancy have statistically been shown to have:

  • Reduced incidence of preterm birth and maternal / fetal health issues
  • Significant increase in knowledge base
  • Improved success in breastfeeding
  • Enriched family bonding
  • Increased overall patient satisfaction

Best EXPECTations is an integral part of your VWFW Ob Care team. It is important to offer patients the necessary & valuable information for a healthy and successful pregnancy, labor, birth, as well as the navigation of parenthood. Session schedules can be found posted at any of our VWFW locations or ask your Ob Provider for more information.

As a patient you may either be referred by your Ob Care Provider or feel free to contact me directly. I look forward to working with you through this process, keeping you at the center of our exceptional VWFW Ob Care.

If interested, reach out to:
Kate Lakritz, RN, BSN
Best EXPECTations Coordinator
Valley Women for Women
3370 S. Mercy Road, Suite 314
Gilbert, AZ 85297
480-439-5030 cell

Best EXPECTations
Group Prenatal Care Sessions will be offered (from 6-8 PM), for FREE, in both in-person as well as HYBRID format.

All VWFW Expectant families cared for by our VWFW Ob physicians, Midwives, and or Nurse Practitioners are welcome to join! Ob patients who opt to remain in the comfort of their homes will be provided Zoom meeting access. Patients who wish to join in the in-person sessions will be briefly evaluated by one of our midwives benefiting from replacing or adding to their daytime appointments with this essential information. Either way, we are thrilled to continue to provide this valuable information as you maneuver through your journey of pregnancy and parenthood!

Important topics covered by professional expert guest speakers include:

  • Cord Blood Banking
  • Essential Oils & Pregnancy
  • Childbirth Education Options
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Birth & Postpartum Doula
  • Breastfeeding 101
  • Labor
  • Birth & Interventions
  • Newborn & Pediatric Care
  • Infant Safety and Car Seat Installation
  • Postpartum Care
  • and 4th Trimester Planning

If interested, reach out to:
Kate Lakritz, RN, BSN
Family Circle: Group Prenatal Care Coordinator
Valley Women for Women
3370 S. Mercy Road, Suite 314
Gilbert, AZ 85297
480-439-5030 cell

When you believe that you are pregnant, call the office for a “Comfirmatory OB” appointment. This visit will establish that you are pregnant and the OB provider will review your medical history for potential problems. If it is time for your pap smear, it will be done at this visit. A blood and urine test will be obtained. Your initial ultrasound will be scheduled at your convenience and at a time appropriate to verify the dating of your pregnancy. You have two options for the remainder of your pregnancy care:

Traditional Care

With the traditional option, you will have individual appointments with an obstetrical provider of your choice, such as, nurse-practitioner, physician assistant, certified nurse midwife, or physician. The traditional option also involves individual monthly visits until 30 weeks of pregnancy. Then, you will return for visits every 2 weeks until the beginning of the last month of pregnancy, after which time you will attend weekly visits until your birth.

Provider Options

  • Nurse-practitioner
  • Physician assistant
  • Certified nurse midwife
  • Physician

Group Care*

If you choose group pregnancy care, you may join the “Best EXPECTations SM” for the remainder of your prenatal care after your private “Comfirmatory OB” and dating ultrasound visits.

Many women and their partners enjoy this type of care. It involves meeting in the evening with approximately 9-12 women of similar due dates. There is a specific brief, individual time with a midwife and the remainder of the 2 hours involves group discussion, education and support.

*(space permitting)

With the traditional or group care choice, you may choose a physician or certified nurse midwife delivery. The physician delivery will involve care by one of the VWFW physicians on-call.

Certified Nurse Midwifery

If you choose certified nurse midwifery services for delivery, you will have established a relationship with a midwife during your pregnancy. Our certified midwives are available for delivery every day and night. If medically necessary, the VWFW physician on-call will attend your delivery. Midwifery care is only provided at Chandler Regional or Mercy Gilbert Medical Centers.

Best EXPECTations Prenatal CareSM Group Pregnancy Care

A new way to get prenatal care. Learn about your baby, your body, childbirth and parenting. Join other expectant moms, partners and support people to discuss pregnancy problems and solutions in a group setting with refreshments. Track your baby’s growth and your own pregnancy progress.


  • 2 hours with a provider at each visit
  • Becoming friends with other expectant moms as you meet together for 7 months
  • Convenient evening meetings you can share with your partner

What Is Best EXPECTations Prenatal CareSM?

Best EXPECTations Prenatal CareSM is a multifaceted model of group care that integrates the three major components of care: health assessment, education, and support into a unified program within a group setting. Best EXPECTations Evening Group Meeting

Nine to twelve women with similar gestational ages meet together and learn care skills, participate in a group discussion, and develop a support network with other group members.

Class participants: Sharing the experience together, the practitioner, within the group space, completes standard physical health assessments. Women spend more time with their health care provider and with other pregnant women, which gives them a chance to learn a lot more about pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting.

Valley Women for Women OB/GYN offers personalized OB care, personalized midwifery care, and now group OB care.

It's All About Groups

You will be in a group with other women whose due dates are close to yours. In each of the ten sessions, you will have a private time with your health care provider and some refreshments. Then you’ll meet as a group to discuss questions, concerns, and solutions. Each meeting includes: Spouse Assisting With Ultrasound

  • Baby & Mom check:
    • blood pressure
    • weight
    • baby heartbeat
    • and private time with your provider
  • Educational Discussion
  • Time to socialize with other members of the group
  • Refreshments

If you have problems between meetings, simply schedule a private appointment as usual with your provider of choice. You will have a private visit after each ultrasound.

It's All About Women

You’ll meet other expectant moms and have an opportunity to share stories and learn from one another. You’ll be able to talk about health issues that are important to you and all the things you’re going through, both physically and emotionally. You’ll be together every month at first, then, as the birth of your baby approaches, you’ll meet every two weeks. In your last month of pregnancy, you will meet with your provider at separate private appointments in addition to the group meetings.

It's All About Time

You’ll receive a schedule of all the group times before you begin. This makes it easy to arrange childcare or meet work obligations. We ask that you not bring children to the meetings. Usually, you won’t need to enroll in separate childbirth, breastfeeding, or parenting classes – you will cover everything in your group! Every minute of your time will be occupied, not spent waiting for a provider in a waiting room or exam room.